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In the patriotic month, the Camerata Mazatlan will offer a recital on the stage of the Angela Peralta Theater, where the best orchestra composers of 20th Century Mexico will be remembered, on a special night called “Concierto Mexicanísimo”.

It will be at 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 18, where Maestro Héctor Javier Reyes Bonilla and his fantastic musicians will go on stage to delight the hundreds of attendees whom they will surprise with concert melodies, huapango, danzones, among other genres.

In the words of the Director of the Camerata, songs by the illustrious Carlos Chávez, Pablo Moncayo, Arturo Márquez, as well as inspirations by Maestro Reyes Bonilla, some which have never been heard in Mazatlan, will be interpreted.

Some of the songs are Bosques, Tierra de Temporal, Huapango, Danzón Dos, and Sinfonía India, among others.

For those interested in witnessing this great event, tickets are available at the box office of the theater, from $100 to $200 pesos. Duration: more than 60 minutes.

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