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The play “Ciudad de Tres Espejos” will mark the beginning of the 2019 Mazatlan International Theater Festival, which will take place from Monday, September 23 to Saturday, September 28, at 8:00 p.m., with Casa Haas facilities and the grand venue, the Angela Peralta Theater.

Saúl Enriquez, author and director, will set up a staging with the TATUAS group, that they co-produce in collaboration with the Sinaloense Instituto de Cultura and the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, in which they address the theme of the city of Culiacán, based on Typical situations where past and present intersect, to give way to the hopeful look, the vision of its people that can make the Capital of Sinaloa a better city.
There will be different actors on stage who will tell different stories, there will be an atypical scenography of the play that the public in general are not accustomed to seeing.

The spectators will have the opportunity to enter Casa Haas where they will find places with an accessible cost of $100 pesos.

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