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Two days of activities are scheduled to develop the eleventh edition of the “Letters for the Port” event, where Mexican writer Enrique Serna Rodríguez, winner of the 2000 Mazatlan Prize for Literature, will present his most recent written work.

The celebrations can be launched next Wednesday, October 9, when at 7:00 p.m. in the Gallery of the majestic Angela Peralta Theater, the organizing committee headed by the National Reading Promoter Laura Medina, present the work of Serna Rodríguez entitled “El Vendedor de Solencio” [The Silence Seller].

On the gala night there will be the presence of the author, who will talk about his work, where the attendance of different reading groups in the port is expected, said Laura Medina.

For Thursday, the 10th, Casa Haas will be the stage where the 19 reading clubs registered in the city will meet to celebrate the anniversary with an exchange of books, and continue the tradition of promoting good literature in Mazatlan, a place that is distinguished by its cultural and intellectual level in that line.

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