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Three candles stand in front of the audience. They flicker. They go out. In the background, in a multicolored projection, it rains cockroaches, ants, butterflies, a meme of Donald Trump and a string of Uber icons, Facebook, Airbnb. On the stage of Casa Haas, Wilfrido Terrazas blows his flute frantically to start the “Filias / Phobias” program.

Together with Mexican composer and performer, cellist Natalia Pérez Turner and singer Carmina Escobar, they tune their instruments to release all the creative power of the Filera Ensemble, a group that has allowed them to explore and expand the limits of contemporary music within six years. out of the country

Slowly the vertigo was unleashed, the certainty that at each moment something unique would happen thanks to the restlessness and creative spirit that these sound explorers demonstrated in pieces such as “La vigilia” “Pequeño huerto” and “Dos cantigas de Santa María” by composers such as Ignacio Baca Lobera and Wilfrido Terrazas himself.

“Filias / Phobias” became an event full of theatricality and drama, of spontaneity and adventure, of intensity, madness and mystery in which Ensamble Filera created a real trance through music, performance and audiovisual media.

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