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The bookstore, La Casa del Caraco,l celebrated its fifteenth anniversary on Wednesday at the Angela Peralta Gallery with the presentation of the novel “El Vendor de Silencio”, by writer Enrique Serna.

As part of the Letters for the Port program, the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlan once again received one of the favorite writers of the Mazatlecans, who with this novel, has managed to form the literary medium of Mexico.

Through a dramatized reading by the author and by Mazatlecan writers Manuel Rochín and Sergio Lizárraga, the public could have a glimpse of the powerful and complex personality of Carlos Denigri, a journalist who represented the darkest aspects of the fourth power in Mexico in mid last century.

Subsequently, attendees were able to talk with the author and learn about parts of his work process to create this work that, far from being a biography, seeks to generate possibilities to understand the public and private life of a brutal and fascinating character.

Also, Serna was able to reflect on the history of journalism in Mexico, his level of identification with his character and, in particular, stressed that in this work he is committed to a literature capable of penetrating into the deepest corners of his character.

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