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The Delfos Contemporary Dance Company will conduct a national tour during the month of November that will allow the Mazatlecan company to appear in two emblematic stages of Mexico City.
The tour begins this November 15 at the Iris Hope City Theater with the choreography “Mangrove”, a piece with which the company celebrated its 25 years of history in 2018.
Created by Víctor Manuel Ruiz, (co-founder together with Claudia Lavista of the Delfos Danza Contemp contemporary company), this proposal is offered as a scenic poem that emerged from the reading of “To build a Dadaist poem”, by writer Tristán Tzara. In this work, chaos is essential, since when it is assumed as the creative principle, it gives rise to 19 unconnected scenes in which topics such as the consumption of the absurd, devastation, time, pregnancy, birth, love, life, empathy, silence and reunion with nature itself are touched.
The “Manglar” choreography was built by Víctor Manuel Ruíz in collaboration with the creative performers Xitlali Piña, Johnny Millán, Karla Núñez, Surasí Lavalle, Daniel Marín, Jonathan Alavés and Diego Alcalá.
On the other hand, on November 21, 22, 23 and 24 Delfos moves to the Guillermina Bravo Dance Theater (located in the Cultural Center of the Bosque) to present “Ecos-Sistemas” a program integrated by the choreographies “And now go back, please… ”,“ Satén ”and“ Geography of the body ”, created by Daniel Marín, Johnny Millán and Xitlali Piña, respectively.
With this program, the Mazatlecan company establishes a watershed in its history: an exploration in which the members of Delfos Contemporary Dance completely leave the fixed roles of dancers or choreographers to go in search of a collective creative voice built from strong visions individual.

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