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True to its eternal avant-garde spirit, Delfos Danza Contemporánea premiered “George Michael” this weekend, in two performances, a project based on the gay movement of the 80s.

Based on the figure of the pop idol George Michael, choreographer Víctor Manuel Ruiz directed this proposal in which he expands the limits of the arts in these times in which, when talking about digital experiences, most are limited to live broadcasts or recorded videos.

Through a series of audiovisual pieces interwoven with pieces by the British singer such as “Outside”, “Roxanne”, “Spinning the Wheel” or “Flawless”, Delfos Danza Contemporánea, invited dancers and visual artist Mauricio Asencio presented an erotic show, transgressive and intelligent in which leather, lingerie and other elements excited the imagination and the senses of the spectators.

However, the background of this complex and daring proposal is a tribute to the author of “Faith”, an artist who throughout his career demonstrated the desire to transcend the labels of pop culture to become a creator persecuted for his meaning of freedom.

Of course, apart from the sequences in which gay secuality,, fantasies and sublimated desires flowed in front of the viewer, “George Michael” also presented moments of immense emotion and reflection such as the sequence in which the dancer Citlali Piña performs a prayer in motion to the rhythm of “Jesus to a child”.

Undoubtedly, beyond the innovative nature of the proposal, the audacity of Víctor Ruiz and of each of the creators who participated in it stood out, to immerse viewers in a work that summarizes sexuality and that has no qualms about exalting strength of desire, paying a round tribute to George Michael, who after his arrest in 1998 for having had sex with another man in a public bathroom, managed to make his sexual identity a flag for the gay community around the world.

In this way, Delfos Danza Contemporánea (thanks to the Support Program for Artistic and Professional Performing Arts Groups “Mexico on Stage” of the Ministry of Culture) and the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, made an authentic effort to to renew cultural life in the times of COVID-19 through “George Michael”.

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