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This night hosted great talents and fabulous shows in the scheduled events of the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2020 by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

Casa Haas hosted the great musical concert “Arias y Música Francesa” starring the operatic voices of the Guillermo Sarabia Choir.

Under the direction of maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda, Eduardo Tapia, Daniela Cortés and Miguel Valenzuela, a sublime concert with the musical quality of the voices that characterize them, was offered.

In the company of the pianist Juan Pablo García and the cellist Citlali Cisneros, the performers performed pieces by composers such as Gabriel Fauré, Jules Massenet, Kurt Weil, Reylando Hahn, among others. It is worth mentioning that this majestic concert was presented for the second time thanks to the success it had in its first edition.

Simultaneously at the Angela Peralta Theater, the foreign community was pampered with the show “Gala United for Art”, a musical artistic program that was presented to all of the community in recognition of the great support they give Mazatlán.

The gala opened with the group Malavista, with great classical melodies on guitar.

Later, tenor Mario Canela together with pianist Juan Pablo García, delighted the audience with the duet “El día que me quieres”.

Passion was delivered by actor José Arturo Torres with the performance of a poem.

Gualberto Castro’s El Mazatleco Folkloric Ballet also did their thing on stage by adding flavor to the evening.

The Company of Classical Ballet of Cultura performed different Pas de deux, alone and in the company of the pianist Juan Pablo Garcia and Citlaly Cisneros on the cello, they added quality to the night that was already shining with the bouquet of great artists, they also presented the choreography “Color Esperanza” (color hope) transmitting love and faith with its interpretation.

In charge of the artistic direction and creation of the show was maestro Guillermo Carrillo who, together with contemporary dance teacher Agustín Martínez, made possible the assembly of choreographies.

The foreign community thanked each of the artists and those involved in holding this United for Art Gala for the gesture of kindness, dedication and solidarity, especially the Mayor, Quimico Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres and José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, Director of the Instituto de Cultura.

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