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Always restless and purposeful, poet Silvia Michel has been working in recent years around the idea of ​​offering a multidisciplinary experience that manages to bring together her creative concerns. This Friday, October 16, at 6:00 pm at Casa Haas, the exhibition “Women: Fire and Silence” will be a synthesis of their efforts.

Poetry, installation, sculpture, video, cookbooks and an interactive room bring together this artist’s visions about the power of women, sacred sexuality, love and the belief that the poetic phenomenon can and must be presented in multiple ways in order to catch more people.

In this way, in “Women: fire and silence” Silvia Michel will bring together her experiences as a writer, her participation in spiritual retreats, her work with traditional cooks and her approach to fine arts in a proposal where the sensuality and strength of women , the energy and mystery of fire and the inexhaustible richness of silence will be the central elements.

Admission to the exhibition “Women: Fire and Silence” is free.

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