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With the feeling on the surface for the concert of its XV anniversary, the Mazatlan group Suncaí Gitano delighted hundreds of spectators at the Ángela Peralta Theater in the evening “Flamenco del Puerto”, a night that was full of emotions and surprises.

The group made up of Ana Elena Morales, cante, Darío Ávila and Manuel Rosete on guitar and Johann Abitia on cajón, performed coplas, boleros por bulerías, classical cante and flamenco fusion and through their performance they conveyed to the public the love and commitment and what they feel for this art.

To make this concert a special evening, the Mazatlan bailaoras Soledad Sánchez and Valentina Arellano communicated with their bodies the words emanating from the artists, offering a passionate event; In some melodies, pianist Raúl Salas, flamenco guitarist Fernando Martínez, drummer Jorge Barraza, saxophonist Carlos Betanzos, and trumpeter Harris García took the stage.

On stage, the artists gave an epic concert where the play of lights, setting and scenery created an intimate atmosphere.

With “Alegrías El Mar” the evening began, receiving the first ovation from the audience.

They continued with “Rosa María”, an ideal piece for the appearance of the bailaoras who gave themselves up to the warmth of the singing and the clapping that permeated the atmosphere.

In the first interaction of the night, cantaora Ana Elena Morales thanked the presence of a full venue, and how special the concert was for each one of the members, she mentioned the artists who were her musical influence in this genre such as: Niña Pastori and Alejandro Sanz, in honor of them, she sang “Cai”, then the couplets “Señora” and “Se nos romó el amor”.

Other highly celebrated songs were “SOS”, “Pa ti”, “De la repompa”, “Veneno” and “Triana puente y aparte”, to end the first half and go to the intermission.

True to their style, for the complementary part they sang pieces such as “Adoro”, the creation of maestro Armando Manzanero; “Te quiero te quiero”, by Rafael de León, “Gloria a ti”, “Al alba”, and “Vence al amor”, among others, it was with “Cuando te beso”, a success by Niña Pastori, when the concert reached its end.

This celebration was part of the successful billboard offered in Spring Season 2023, organized by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán to boost and promote the different artistic manifestations that exist in the port.

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