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A memorable recital performed by virtuoso musicians kept the public attentive at Casa Haas.

Maestro José Miguel Rivera and Damien Miguel Gómez played pieces in which the solo instruments shone, in this case the piano and double bass respectively.

As is evident during his performances, maestro Rivera showed deep knowledge of the scores and mastery of the piano by giving precise and highly virtuoso performances.

In turn, Damien Miguel Gómez gave a memorable performance when he performed pieces created to highlight the deep voice of the double bass.

The musical repertoire was made up of music by great composers such as Johann Mathias Sperger, Chopin, F. Liszt, S. Rachmaninoff and Frank Pronto.

At the end of the event, the soloists thanked the public for their support and presence because this event was created with the purpose of raising funds to continue their academic preparation in prestigious schools in the United States and England.

Damien Miguel Gómez is a talented musician who recently graduated from the School of Music at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus, and is currently pursuing a residency in this city, while José Miguel Rivera is a renowned pianist who has given concerts in Mexico City, Washington , Venezuela, Austria, United Kingdom and more.

Both musicians seek the growth of their professional careers.

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