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A Premiere afternoon will be held this November 30th at Casa Haas, when in “Literary Thursday” Sinaloan writer Rubén Rivera presents his most recent book “Defensa de oficio”, a collection of poems that addresses the social events around freedom.

The poet wrote each of his odes during his time in prison, but now he shows his work as a free man, sharing his daily experiences, material that was published by the Port’s Poetry publishing house, this afternoon he will have Hector Dominguez as a presenter.

The author points out in the synopsis “Our life is very different while democratic regimes claim to provide greater freedom to the individual.

We poets feel more repressed, that’s why we try to get out of line. That is what poetry has taught me, and these poems are the product of the experience of exercising my freedom as a poet.”

Rubén Rivera has published nearly 10 books, with which he has been awarded with national stature, winning awards at the Inter-American Poetry Navachiste 1997, honorable mention at the Benemérito Poetry Prize of the Americas 1998, the National Poetry Clemencia Isaura de Mazatlán 2000, the National Poetry Prize El Timón de Oro 1998; and the Aguascalientes Fine Arts Poetry Award 2021, among others.

The appointment for lovers of literature and poetry will be at 6:00 p.m. at Casa Haas, a building located on Mariano Escobedo Street on the corner of Heriberto Frías S/N in the Centro neighborhood. Admission will be free, with access restricted to 60 people. It will be the last edition of Literary Thursday of the year within the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023.

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