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The documentary “The Secret of Dr. Grinbgerg” (2020), a film about Mexican neurophysiologist Jacobo Gringberg directed by Ida Cuéllar of Spain, produced by Polar Star Film, will be screened this Saturday the 16th of December at 6 pm at the “Marco Lugo” Cinema of the Municipal Arts Center.

The documentary portrays the mysterious disappearance of scientist Jacobo Grinberg, one of the enigmas that has generated its own cult among the Mexican counterculture. The real events are being reconstructed that in some way try to explain the reason for the scientist’s disappearance; the strange circumstances of his disappearance gave rise to multiple hypotheses and theories that have contributed to hiding the truth of the case.

“The Secret of Dr. Grinbgerg” recounts a nine-year investigation; Stories, interviews, and research work place the viewer inside the myth, rather than a novel or a linear story.

The Director of the film expresses about her film: “I hope that the public gets to know Grinberg to recover the figure of him and what he believed in, the fusion of the materialist scientific world with a more magical and intangible world to which the human being should come closer now.”
The film is projected in its original language, Spanish, it will start at 6:00 p.m. and admission is free. Limited availability. The access door is a few steps from the portico of the Ángela Peralta Theater.
Those interested will enter 15 minutes early through the main entrance of the Municipal Arts Center located on unnumbered Carnaval Street, in front of Plaza Machado. Admission is free with limited space.

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