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The DIF Mazatlán System brought the Christmas Posada “La Fábrica de Regalos” to the Plazuela Zaragoza, an event dedicated to the elderly of Mazatlán, there was cake, raffles for household appliances, candy, and groceries, perfumery, a television screen and for healthy recreation the traditional Mexican pastorela was staged.

The Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán and the Municipal Arts Center were integrated into this posada to show one of the oldest performing arts known to humanity, theater.

The traditional Mexican Pastorela was presented under the direction of teachers Silvia Flores and Alejandra Quintanilla, in which popular Mexican tradition and theater were combined to continue this Christmas tradition in Mexico.

Teacher Silvia Flores Bernal expressed that for her it is very important to be able to spread art.

“Sometimes there are people who do not have the access, the ease of going to a place, to a venue to see art, and for me to share what we do together with my students is a great pleasure.”

This pastorela is quite comical, it is a pastorela in comedy, it is not a ritual act, it is not sacramental, it is a pastorela for people to have fun, obviously with a Christmas message of love and peace, and for them to have happy holidays.

“Students from the Technical Degree in Theater Art of the CMA Instituto de Cultura participate in the Mexican Pastorela, as a guest is a former student from my workshop, she is Frida Rojas and we have other students who are not participating as actors, but are helping with the production, with the makeup and with everything, so basically it is a production of the Theater School of the Instituto de Cultura (of Mazatlán)”

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