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We work as a team so that this Nutcracker will be impressive: Maestra Zoila Fernández

This weekend the message full of love and magic of “The Nutcracker” arrives at the Ángela Peralta Theater with an immense and impressive staging, with choreography, costumes and renewed production, full of details, 132 dancers in movement and live music, said maestra Zoila Fernández Fernández, responsible for the choreographic direction.

The Director of the Municipal School of Classical Ballet and the Mazatlán Ballet Company, spoke about the participation of her students in “The Nutcracker”, a spectacular production of the Instituto de Cultura de Mazatlán, which will be presented this Friday, December 1st at 8:00 p.m. :00 a.m. and Saturday, December 2nd, at 5:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. within the framework of the Festival Cultural Mazatlán 2023.

Clarita, The Nutcracker, the harlequins, the Moor, the Wizard, the Mouse King, the mice, and the snowflakes, among other characters, will cross the stage in three performances with live music by the Camerata Mazatlán under the baton of Guest Director, maestro Enrique Patrón de Rueda and the performance of the Children’s Choir directed by maestra Mariela Angulo.

Maestra Zoila Fernández talks about this staging, the importance and motivation that the participating girls and boys give it, and what it means for her to work on a play that reflects the unity, magic, and happiness of these Christmas holidays.

We want the public that waits for “The Nutcracker” every year to continue visiting the Ángela Peralta Theater and always accompany us on these Christmas nights, she expressed.

“The Nutcracker” is a piece that contains the love for the holidays, in this case for the celebration of Christmas, but it is accompanied by a touch of travel through the magician Drosselmeyer who gives life to the dolls so that Clara, siblings and guests can enjoy the gifts that the magician usually leaves on the Christmas tree.

The magician gives Clara a Nutcracker – a wooden doll – and that night when her family is sleeping, she goes down to see if it is still on the Christmas tree where she had left it, and begins to dream of a magical world that she will transport the public first to the world of snow and then to the world of sweets.

The different countries are represented through Chinese dance, Arabic dance, Russian dance, Spanish dance, so the public will be able to enjoy the different nuances of these dances through the performance of the students of the Municipal School of Classical Ballet and the dancers of the Mazatlán Ballet Company.

“For me the main part of the work is the painting of the mice, first because the youngest children from the Municipal Classical Ballet School work and I have a passion for working with children, I love doing choreography for them because I think that They have a very clean, very pure creativity and sometimes they themselves suggest movements, they suggest readings that you as a choreographer can bring to the stage, the audience will enjoy even comical hints of these mischievous mice that invade Clara’s house and try to take everything that was at the party.”

Maestro Agustín Martínez, who teaches contemporary dance classes to the members of the Mazatlán Ballet Company, participates in this production. He supports production, and in the artistic part, it is a team effort, says maestra Zoila Fernández.

The prestigious choreographer highlights that working alongside maestro Enrique Patrón is enriching, because he nourishes you, the teacher is wise, the teacher teaches you to see beyond ballet, musical things, it is a real pleasure for me to work with him every year, and with the Camerata Mazatlán equally, they are my life companions, some I met as students, others have been my companions 25 years ago since I started working at the CMA.

“So that meeting is always enriching, it is truly teamwork, everyone contributes, without the Ballet School team I would not have been able to carry out all this hard work because there are 132 dancers on stage with different movements, different choreographic stroke, it is really crazy, it is an immense production, there are many details, so, each one has their responsibility, in the end we unite and try to make this Nutcracker as impressive as the Mazatlán public expects, they do not deserve anything else ”.

“I hope that this Nutcracker is enriching for everyone, that it awakens our desire to wait for these familiar dates, so full of joy for everyone and with a message truly full of magic, enriching and very special.”

Tickets are at the theater box office, telephone 669 982 44 46 ext. 103 and at the Cultura Digital Ticket Office at 669 120 0020. Prices start at $200 to $350 pesos.

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