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Later on, it will be good to think of something to give “more strength” to the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán because culture is basic to restructuring the social fabric and is an integral part of the economic development of the tourism sector, councilors of the paramunicipal agreed. .

This Saturday during the fourth extraordinary session of the Board of Directors, the General Director of CULTURA, Raúl Rico González presented and put the draft budget for Fiscal Year 2024 for the consideration of the directors.

In the session, a budget of 153 million 083 thousand 271.06 pesos was unanimously approved to be exercised during 2024.
The amount represents 26 million pesos below what was requested, which is why CULTURA had to make adjustments to the amounts allocated to the fulfillment of programs, festivals, administration and substantive activities of the Institution.

In this context, members of the Cultura Administration Council expressed themselves in favor of strengthening the annual budget authorized by the Mazatlán City Council to the paramunicipal because culture, like sports, is vital to forming a more integral society and preventing actions that put cohesion and healthy social coexistence at risk.
Councilor Martín Pérez said that if we want to attack problems of family disintegration and effects on the social fabric, there are basic areas that must be strengthened, such as culture.
He assured that it is not by sending more police and more weapons to the streets that the violence is going to stop, because violence generates more violence, these types of incidents have to be inhibited through other programs and culture has a preponderant value.

Gaspar Pruneda, member of the Board of Directors and businessman in the hotel industry, highlighted that Mazatlán’s vocation is definitely tourism and its advantage over other destinations is the development of culture and Centro Historico.

In this sense, Cultura is an integral part of the economic development of the tourism sector, which is why we must fight for a bigger budget, more support and a mechanism that guarantees resources at the end of the year to give continuity to the actions of the Instituto de Cultura.

Councilor Jorge Fuentevilla Wheatley explained that the paramunicipal programs have contributed to the comprehensive development of people and particularly the children and adolescents who have had the opportunity to attend the artistic events have changed their perspective on life.

In turn, Raúl Rico González agreed with the comments of the counselors and recognized that it is not easy to measure the benefits that art and culture bring to society because culture is not tangible but it has been proven that it has a positive impact on society.

In the fourth extraordinary session, the Salary Tabulator for Fiscal Year 2024 was also presented, analyzed and unanimously authorized.
Present at this session were: councilors Martín Pérez Torres, América Carrasco, Paulina Heredia, Claudia Peña Chico, Fabiola Zambrano representing Wenceslao Galindo, Director of Urban Development; Jorge Fuentevilla, Gaspar Pruneda, Ramón Salop Sánchez and Roberto Lem.

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