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Euphoria broke out this Friday in the main streets of the port during the second large demonstration of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” with the enthusiastic participation of the candidates for the crowns of the ultimate party.

At exactly four in the afternoon the party began on Av. Leonismo Internacional and turned towards Av. de los Deportes towards Av. Ejercito Mexicano where hundreds of people waited for the candidates to pass by and had the opportunity to greet to the current sovereigns of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán.

The festive caravan was opened by the commercial outpost followed by the current court: Alejandra Tirado, Queen of the Carnaval; Uma Ramírez, Queen of the Floral Games; Víctor Quiroz, King of the Carnaval; Melanie de Jesús Alarcón, Children’s Queen and Ivanna Arámburo, Queen of Poetry.

When crossing Juan Carrasco and arriving at Aquiles Serdán, it was noticeable that the company personnel momentarily abandoned work to watch the joyful walking party go by.

Aquiles Serdán Street in the Center of Mazatlán was flooded with joy and color with the second demonstration.

Those who were waiting for their truck and those who were leaving their jobs or went shopping at the Pino Suarez Market were fortunate to see some dance troupes, cars, vans, buses with sound and even screens to support and promote the candidates participating in this Carnaval race.

Jasaret Álvarez, Aspasia Cárdenas, Irene Rojas, Georgina Vázquez, Rubí Mondragón, Samantha Espinosa, Andrea García, Catalina Castellanos, Carolina Ruelas and Siu Ling Cotero, wore spectacular dresses and pleased everyone gathered with greetings and kisses during their visit to the popular downtown streets.

Also accompanying the candidates were some mascots of popular cartoon characters and the international musical world, fire jugglers, Sinaloan bandas and friends of all of them were added.

Benjamín López, German Orozco, Héctor Limón and Víctor Manuel García, candidates for King of Joy, were also worthy, their suits were very elegant and almost unmissable in attracting attention.

Givanna Valdez Miranda and María Paula Velarde García added childish grace with enthusiastic and colorful companies, aboard buses and cars that were very striking due to the joy that overflowed from their smiles.

The massive second Carnaval demonstration in which there was a lot of fun and a lot of passion for the Carnaval party continued on Miguel Alemán Avenue, Rigoberto Lewis, Olas Altas, turned towards Ángel Flores Street until reaching the Municipal Palace.

As they passed, all the candidates greeted Mazatlecan residents and tourists from vehicles artfully decorated with multicolored balloons and other elements that, together with the costumes, gave even more eye-catching appearance to their participation.

Rockets launched into the wind, confetti, multicolored balloons, bottargas and even well-known influencers on social networks paraded in the festive “Baroque Eclipse” demonstration.

Around six in the afternoon, the Carnaval troop arrived at the Municipal Palace where they were received by the Mayor of Mazatlán, Edgar González Zatarain.

In that traditional act, the General Director of CULTURA, Raúl Rico González, welcomed the event.

“What a pleasure to be here and to have arrived well, united, happy, which tells us that there is a very healthy, creative, prosperous, brotherhood-like atmosphere, and that gives me great pleasure. It’s a pleasure that you have accompanied us here, don’t let it be said that you haven’t put enough spirit into the party,” he told them.

Then the Director of Cultura thanked them for the trust, and hoped that everything would be for the best and that after all this has happened, the spirit of Carnaval, the spirit of being Mazatlecan, and the spirit of being Sinaloan will prevail.

In turn, Municipal President Edgar González Zatarain expressed his pleasure at the visit of the royal court and the candidates to win the crowns of the next Carnaval and said that with their participation they exalt a tradition that has many decades, a tradition that has given an identity to Mazatlán.

“I thank you because it is not easy, for all of you it is a great effort in every sense, in time, dedication, preparation, economic, it is a great effort and I think that the least we as an authority can do is obviously receive you and thank you ”.

“I am sure that we will continue to see each other and we will continue working together, for culture, for the promotion of Mazatlán for the traditions of Mazatlán. Welcome, thank you very much, let’s continue enjoying…”

At the end of the Mayor’s speech, the official photo was taken and everyone went out to the balcony to greet people who in the square danced to the rhythm of Maz Show La Orquesta and shouted unstoppable cheers in favor of their candidates.

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