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Great interest was caused by the XXIII edition of the “Antonio López Sáenz” Biennial Visual Arts Award, which is awarded within the framework of Carnaval Mazatlán. In total, 87 pieces were received, of which, this January 12th, as established in the call, the organizing committee announced the preselection of 52.

The 52 preselected pieces will compete for the first places in the traditional, highly prestigious contest among fine artists residing in the Northwest of Mexico.

For this edition of the “Antonio López Sáenz” Biennial, the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, received 87 pieces from national and foreign fine artists, who live in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora, Durango, Nayarit and Baja California.

The categories in which they participate are: two-dimensional such as painting, graphics, photography and/or video; as well as three-dimensional, related to sculpture, object and/or installation.
CULTURA will award three acquisition prizes for the pieces that the jury considers winners in the different formats and disciplines. First Place $70,000; Second Place $50,000.00 and Third Place $40,000.
On Monday, January 29th, the judging jury will announce the winners’ decision. The selected works will be in the exhibition that will open on January 31st and will remain open to the public until February 29th.
Winning pieces will be eligible to participate in subsequent exhibitions over the next 12 months in and out of state.

The shortlisted work was created by the artists:
1. Alejandro Castaneda
2. Anna Freer
3. Carlos Z
4. Carolina Villanueva (video)
5. Cecilia Sánchez Duarte
6. Cristina Galaz
7. Cutzy Salgado
8. Damián Moisés Félix Mancha
9. Eduardo Sánchez Encinas
10. Elisa Ramirez
11. Esau Stinger
12. Luis Gerardo Sánchez López
13. Iván Mayorquín
14. Jesus Osuna
15. Jesús Rojas Cuahutle
16. Jimena Jimenez
17. Jorge Palacios
18. Jorge Robles
19. José Guillermo Martínez Rochín
20. José Salazar Díaz FREAK
21. Juan Benito González
22. Juan Francisco Gamero Martínez
23. Karmina Vera
24. Francisca Villalobos
25. Luis Landeros Cano
26. Marcelo Valle
27. Marco Valentine
28. Omar Campos
29. Paulina Medina
30. Tonatiuh Salcedo Rodríguez
31. Yamil Aceves
32. Esperanza Marcela Vázquez Hernández
33. Gabriel Leal
34. Gilberto Hulse
35. Jesus Osuna
36. Job Ramirez
37. Jorge Holcombe
38. José Luis González
39. Manuel Sánchez Ortega
40. Manuel Soto Miranda
41. Maria Aurora Acosta
42. Mateo Gutiérrez
43. Omar Campos
44. Paulina Collard
45. Pedro Cervantes
46. Roberto Chavez
47. Sandra Diaz
48. Soledad Cáceres
49. Jamil Aceves
50. Rafael Avila
51. Tonatiuh Salcedo
52. Paulina Martínez Mercado

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