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Benjamín López de la Paz is excited, eager to reach the grand final of the contest to choose the King of Joy of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” scheduled for January 8th to 13th of February.

Regarding his participation as a candidate for King of Joy, the Nursing graduate responds:

“I’m competing because I want to be King of the port’s biggest festival, it’s one of my big dreams, since I was a child I have been excited about Carnaval, there is no parade that I can miss, I always said: I want to go on top of a float and what greater joy than to be the king!

How about the competition with your peers? “Look, the competition is good, like never before this Carnval is very close, hair is going to fly, but nothing is impossible, I’m all for it.”

Why did you decide to participate this year and not before or after?

“Look, I’ve been asked that a lot, I had to go out this year, I had to compete this year. “I want to be King of Joy this 2024, I feel like it’s my year!”

Finally, the candidate with the yellow baton asked for the support of the Mazatlecan people and thanked the health sector workers because they have accompanied and encouraged him in this exciting stage of his life.

The election of the King of Joy of Carnival Mazatlán 2024 on Friday, January 19th during a festive event in Plazuela República starting at 6:00 p.m.

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