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In the presence of family, friends, municipal authorities and the general public, this Thursday, January 11th, the exhibition “Forever Antonio López Sáenz” was inaugurated at the Ángela Peralta Gallery, a collection that opens a window to the evolution of the notable Sinaloan fine artist Antonio López Sáenz (+).

There are 21 pieces of art: paintings, drawings, created in color, graphite, pieces dating from the 70’s, until his latest works in the new millennium, a time that covers the exploration of the Mazatlan artist within the abstract, landscaping, portraits, self-portraits and his famous lines that give life to men and women with voluminous bodies and small heads lacking features, as described by his friend José Luis Cuevas.

The welcoming words during this special event were given by Mónica Rice, coordinator of the Fine Arts workshops at the Municipal Arts Center. The inauguration was carried out by Víctor López, nephew of the artist.

An emotional and special participation was had by Mazatlecan writer Juan José Rodríguez, a friend of the fine artist who shared stories and his admiration for maestro Antonio López Sáenz.

“I want to share with you my eternal amazement at the aesthetics of Antonio López Sáenz, he told us to leave behind the nostalgia for Mazatlán, because that sentimentality is something that distracts us from his fineness of drawing, the resistance of the line and his aesthetics of silence, See how Antonio’s work is always a special silence and how in this very heterogeneous collection we have paintings that use oil with foam,” he expressed.

Later he formalized the event by inaugurating the exhibition in the company of Víctor López and Mónica Rice, curators of the exhibition.

Within the collection there are erotic drawings and the mastery of maestro Antonio López Sáenz stands out, not only in works full of color but also pencil drawings.

The opening of the exhibition was widely accepted among spectators, who contemplated each of the paintings on display in detail.

For fine artist Víctor Higareda, the collection shows things that contribute to the training of beginner and experienced artists.

“I think it is a lecture, a class that Maestro (Antonio) López Sáenz gives here for everyone who is starting out, even for those who have been in art for a long time, there is discovery of things as valuable as what he did with the pencil “It’s exquisite,” he said.

The doors of this collection will be open from today until February 29th of this year, admission will be free for those who want to admire this fascinating tour of the work of the Sinaloan artist.

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