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CULTURA staff will install eleven urban sculptures on the boardwalk and Plazuela Machado

This Friday, a few hours before the second major carnival demonstration, the installation of the giant puppets began to announce the proximity of the great Mazatlán 2024 International Carnival “Baroque Eclipse” to be held from January 8 to 13. February.

From an early hour, personnel from the Operations area of the Municipal Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán began maneuvers in the workshops to move the giant sculptures to the boardwalk where the majority will be installed to give a cheerful, ingenious, colorful and festive decoration to the city on the eve of Carnival.

In total there will be eleven carnival figures that will dress up the port.

The first puppet is called “Papagueno en Libertad”, and will be installed on Av. del Mar and Insurgentes); Then they will continue with the placement of “Guardián de El Sol” (On Av. del Mar and Lola Beltrán) and “Claroscuro Barroco”, in front of the Sister Cities Park.

This year the creation of the “Eclipse Barroco” manigotes are: Jorge González, Henry Wilson, José Ángel Trujillo López and Juan José Boronat Aranda, who will capture in each sculpture various aesthetic forms and elements from different currents of universal fine arts.

In the creative processes, each creator of the Carnaval floats uses various techniques and materials ranging from steel structures, paper, fabrics and oil paints, among others, most measure 11 meters high, some are illuminated with LED lights and will be strategically placed. located along the coastal promenade and in Plazuela Machado with the purpose of dressing the city with its spectacular presence, before and during the maximum Port fiesta.

The striking pieces of ephemeral art are based on the theme of 2024 “Baroque Eclipse”, and the purpose of CULTURA is to welcome Carnaval Mazatlan festivities and for people to admire, enjoy and preserve them forever through videos and photographs.

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