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Just a few days away from concluding their reign, the court of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023 invites the people of Mazatlán to experience the maximum fiesta with harmony and happiness, to enjoy the days to come and the performance by the first-class line-up that will perform at the coronations at the Teodoro Mariscal Stadium.

At a press conference held last Tuesday at the Ángela Peralta Theater, Alejandra Tirado, Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023, Uma Ramírez, Queen of the Floral Games, and Víctor Quiroz, King of the Carnaval, shared the experience that made them the ambassadors of Mazatlán in the last year.

Alejandra II, she stated that she felt happy but melancholic, because it was in the TAP [Angela Peralta theater] where she got the crown. The beautiful Mazatlecan invited the candidates who aspire to replace her on the throne, to enjoy this stage every day and the Mazatlecans to live happily, since it has been said for many years that Carnaval unleashes passions.

“I feel happy, and a little melancholic because a very cool stage of my life ends. I see the line-up and I really love it, we have a first-class cast from Mazatlán… I invite all of Mazatlán to enjoy, and instead of criticizing we experience this fiesta because it has always been known that Carnaval unleashes passions and that belongs to everyone the years” said the queen.

Victor II expressed that he feels satisfied during his time as His Majesty, since the work done was great and he fulfilled his duties as ambassador of Mazatlán.

“I feel happy, I think we fulfilled our objective as royalty, we travel, we present ourselves and have so many experiences as ambassadors, we promote Mazatlán like you have no idea, and just as foreign people are happy for this cast, for this Carnaval I think we all should to have that happiness, I invite you to unite and be together, and to experience Carnaval,” he indicated.

Uma I thanked her for the invitation to the conference, expressed her excitement and at the same time nostalgia for it, because a year ago she experienced one of the best days of her life when she was elected sovereign of the Floral Games of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023.

“A year ago for me was one of the best days of my life, at the same time I feel calm, I am enjoying Carnaval in a different way, without that pressure that I have to do things perfect, of everything I have to study and now, to relax and enjoy,” she exclaimed.

The election of the sovereigns of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2023 “Baroque Eclipse” will be on Friday, January 19th and Saturday, January 20th.

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