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Personal motivations and love for the Mazatlan culture led Mónica Georgina Vázquez Veytia to compete for the top crown of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”, the long-awaited Port festival scheduled from February 8th to 13th.

“I really have many motivations, from personal ones that are to improve myself, believe more in myself, be more authentic, live new experiences and obviously I am also motivated by the love I have for the Mazatlecan culture, this was transmitted to me by my father, he was director of orchestra and has taught me to love art a lot, and being a candidate for Carnaval Queen is a great opportunity to express to all people the love I have for Mazatlán,” said the candidate with the navy blue baton.

Regarding her vision of Mazatlán at the national and international level, the 24-year-old candidate, with a degree in Clinical Psychology with a Master’s Degree in Special Education, comments:

“(Mazatlán) I see it positioned internationally, it really impresses me that every year we have more tourism and that (tourists) are seen from all over the world, I have the advantage that I live very close to the cruise ships and for me it is a parade every “Mornings to see people of all nationalities visiting our port.”

If you had power, who would you grant a wish to, old age, youth or childhood?
It is a difficult question…I think that, to the youth, I am right now in this stage of my life surrounded by many young people, I am a teacher at a university and I am also an administrator, I have realized that young people lack a lot of motivation to be the future, then they go to school, they do their routines with monotony, I believe that giving young people a wish that motivates them, that makes them improve, would change the world.

The last book you read, what did it leave you with?
It is called “Man in Search of Meaning” it is a wonderful book that makes you reflect on the things in life, what really makes you happy and where we find happiness, many times we see happiness in material things, in such tangible things, and it is not like that, happiness comes from within. That’s what that book left me with.

For you, what does inner beauty consist of?
I like that question, I am a psychologist, for me inner beauty comes from values, from family, from humility, from empathy, from being a good person and from transmitting it to the world, not just keeping it with you.

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