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With the arrival of “Elegancia” to Plaza Machado, Operations staff of the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, completed the installation of 11 monigotes, large sculptures that adorn the city and announce the proximity of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse”, to be held from February 8th to 13th.

This Tuesday at 11:28 in the morning CULTURA staff, together with the team of artists from “Son of Master Neri”, finished installing the urban sculptures with the spectacular operation of the hydraulic boom and the driving of the platform truck in which the monigotes are transported.

In total, 11 creations by NINOTS (Los Españoles), Henry Wilson (Cuban) and Jorge Gabriel González Rodríguez (El Hijo de Neri) were installed; The spectacular puppets, as always, are very photogenic and look formidable day and night along the boardwalk and in La Machado.

Its installation integrated intense and emotional moments where coordination, labor inclusion, physical strength and emotional strength were present and persistent elements in the logistics days, in which an element of the Transit Police was also integrated.

Now it is time for the obligatory visit to each of them, and take a photo to share on social networks these formidable pieces that, day or night, look perfect.


Guardian of the Night, installed in Valentinos

Guardian del Sol, installed on the Malecón in front of the monument to Lola Beltrán, is from NINOTS.

Inspiration in López Sáenz, installed on the Malecón at the height of Avenida de los Deportes

The Queen of the Night, placed next to the Fisherman’s Monument

Papageno (bird-man) in Libertad, installed on the Malecón near Insurgentes

Baroque Chiaroscuro, placed on the Malecón at the level of the Sister Cities Park are by Henry Wilson.

Sol de la Luna, placed next to the Pneumonia Monument

Baroque Eclipse, installed on the Malecón at the height of May 5

Carnival Harlequin, placed on the Malecón near Las Gavias

The Sun King, installed on the Malecón in front of the extinct Frankie Oh, and

Elegance, placed in Plazuela Machado are by Jorge Gabriel González R.

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