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This Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. in the Plaza Machado next to the porch of the Ángela Peralta Theater, the last chapter of the fifth season of Diálogos de Nuestra Historia will take place, it will be a poetic afternoon where Mazatlecan writer Eli Estolano will share her experience in the world of literature.

The Mazatlecan writer is the author of four books, two of them for children, in addition to having countless poems, which little by little come to light.

Eli Estolano was the winner of the “Poetry Slam” that took place on January 15 in “Diálogos de Nuestra Historia”, and after that triumphant afternoon the public asked her to star in its latest installment.

This afternoon she will talk a little about her career and who she is, she will read poetry, there will even be a series of surprises from a group of friends.

Eli Estolano is a teacher by profession, a writer and an activist by conviction. Her work with her children places her as one of the most active reading promoters in the port.

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