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This Tuesday, January 23rd, the coordinated tours of authorities and sponsors continued to establish positioning areas and guarantee fluidity and order during Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” scheduled for 08 to February 13.

Juan Manuel Flores Vázquez, in charge of coordinating the Carnaval activities in Olas Altas, pointed out that the reason for this tour in the parade area is to see the sales areas of both the Cervecería Modelo de México and the Coca Cola soft drink company with Civil Protection, with Commerce and with the Mayor’s Office to have well-established points of sale, not hinder the flow of people or the parade and avoid incidents.

Finally Flores Vázquez said that everything is going well and the tours will continue on Av. del Mar and Plaza Machado; He added in an optimistic tone that “Baroque Eclipse is still in process and we have to enjoy the Carnaval.”

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