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Rubí Carolina Mondragón Madrigal is once again in the contest ready to emerge victorious from the contest to elect the absolute sovereign of the greatest Port fiesta.

Rubí competed for the long-awaited crown of the Mazatlán Carnaval in 2022, and although the result was adverse, this time she participated again motivated by the support of her family and the achievement of the current Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán, Alejandra Tirado, who participated again in 2023 and achieved her dream.

“Alejandra was a candidate who participated again and achieved her dream because second chances really exist. But we have to dare to fight for our dreams,” she says.

The candidate with the red baton has a degree in Architecture but she works as a flight attendant on an airline and therefore her life is linked to the tourism sector.

She believes that Mazatlán has a lot of potential as an international destination and that its current development process will soon take it to a level where it will be a port that will be in everyone’s eyes.

The candidate for the title of Carnival Queen highlights her interest in young people and her desire to inspire many women and girls to dare to fight for her dreams.

Regarding her most recent reading, she mentioned the book “Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austen.

“It inspired me that women can achieve anything we set our minds to, at the time of the book’s history many women did not have the opportunities to stand out in different areas of life, because they were women, but you realize how they break with those stereotypes that teach that women can develop so much by being a mother, a professional, in all areas.”

“I feel that women have already taken over many things and they have shown that we are just as important as men.”

If you had the power to grant a wish, what wish would you grant to the people of Mazatlán?
“That we were more empathetic and more human because that is what we lack as a society because many times we only focus on material things and not on what is really worthwhile, which is the essence of each one.”

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