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Motivated by her emotional and physical security to be able to obtain one of the two crowns for Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán, “Eclipse Baroque 2024”, Samantha Espinosa Osuna decided to register for the contest to compete for the desired crown.

A lawyer and influencer by profession, the 24-year-old Mazatlan native is motivated to be in the race, to fulfill one of her childhood dreams: to be a candidate for Queen, an illusion that can be crystallized if she continues with her intense preparation to reach the highest level. prepared possible next Saturday, January 20th, for the Carnival Queen Election.

“Carnival for me is a tradition, it is union, an explosion of art, joy and I think it is my favorite time to enjoy the traditions we have because it is when we get together, live together, celebrate our festivities, I consider that it is the right time, to have The love and affection I have for Mazatlán, and knowing that it is reciprocal, fills my heart completely,” she explained.

As part of her preparation, the black baton candidate is going to catwalk classes with former Carnaval vQueen Karla Rivas, taking public speaking classes with Manuel Mura, and she also reads many books on personal improvement to be mentally prepared for any eventuality.

The candidate for the highest crown of Carnaal sent a message of gratitude to her followers.

“Thank you very much for supporting me, I want to see you at Carnaval, whether we win or not, we are having an incredible time,” she concluded.

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