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Becoming a Candidate for Queen of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán “Baroque Eclipse 2024”, is one of the bravest decisions that Catalina Castellanos Osuna has made in her life, a challenge that motivates her to be able to overcome with effort every day in the contest and outside of it.

At 25 years old, the Law Graduate describes the biggest festival in the Port as the perfect combination of tradition, art, culture, and fun of the Mazatlecans, and highlights her excitement at being surrounded by a group of companions ( candidates) very pretty and confident.

“I feel very excited to experience this, I want to be able to spread all the emotion to others, the happiness that I feel, I hope that the people who are supporting me can feel the same as me, in addition to enjoying the party from another perspective,” said the orange baton candidate.

She knows that the path in this contest is full of challenges, which is why she began her preparation months ago with catwalk and public speaking classes, to be able to win one of the crowns next Saturday, January 20th during the Queens Election, which will take place the Ángela Peralta Theater at 8:00 p.m.

“I invite you to support and enjoy this party, it fills me with emotion to be able to participate, to have this experience and that everyone can experience it with us,” she concluded.

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