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It will be awarded during the Floral Games; She will receive Natural Flowers and a prize of 80 thousand pesos.

“Reconquista del Reino de Kaan”, a collection of poems by Claudina Domingo Hernández, won the Clemencia Isaura Poetry Prize 2024, it was announced today at a press conference chaired by the General Director of Cultura, Raúl Rico González and writer Juan José Rodríguez.

In the deliberative minutes of the prestigious award, the jury made up of Kyra Galván and José Homero Hernández, chaired by José Manuel Recillas, report that after reading nearly 100 participating books, “Reconquista del Reino de Kaan” was unanimously declared the winner.

Claudina Domingo sent her collection of poems to the competition in a sealed envelope signed with the pseudonym Lady Pitahaya. The escrow with her real name and personal information was opened this day in the presence of media representatives.

In the opinion of the jury, “Reconquest of the Kingdom of Kaan” is a well-crafted book, of maturity and great originality, with strength and depth. It is a song with a long rhythm and its verses stack one on top of the other, placing itself in the tradition of the long Mexican poem, denoting a certain freshness. It talks about the tropics, the sea, daily life, and establishes significant and meaningful relationships between historical memory and love of roots.

Upon learning of the jury’s decision, the winner of the 2024 Clemencia Isaura Poetry Prize said she felt great joy because whenever writers win an award they receive greater attention and curiosity from readers. In addition, Sinaloa is in her heart because she has great friends, writers and poets from Sinaloa.

Claudina Dominguez will be awarded Natural flowers and a cash prize of 80 thousand pesos during the coronation of the Queen of the Floral Games 2024, on Friday, February 9th at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium.

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