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I feel very excited, very happy to be having this experience. Being Queen of the Carnaval is a dream that I have had since I was little, for me everything is new and very exciting, said Carolina Ruelas, candidate for Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse”.

Regarding the reasons that encouraged her to participate in the race, the 22-year-old ambassador of the white baton commented:

“This year I decided because it is the last year of my degree, I study Medicine and the next year is pure internship in the hospital, so it was this year or never, I said, I’m going for that dream, and here we are.”

You tell me that being queen of Carnaval is a dream. Since when did it start?

“Since I was approximately six years old, every year I went to the Carnaval with my grandparents, my uncles, cousins, sisters, I have two sisters, the three of us felt admiration when the Queen of the Carnaval, the Queen of the Floral Games, passed by, so from a very early age Girl, I’ve dream of being queen of the greatest festival of the Mazatlecans.”

What does Carnaval mean to you?

“Carnaval for me means family, joy, tradition and all that love that we Mazatlecos have for our city and of course for this great festival.”

Carolina Ruelas expressed that during the election she feels confident, a security that has cost her a lot to achieve but she is preparing a lot for that big day, she assured.

“I am preparing both for the catwalk and for public speaking,” said the Bachelor of Medicine student.

Finally, she invited the society of Mazatlán to thoroughly enjoy the election of the new Carnaval rulers and all the activities of the port’s most emblematic festival.

“If I become Carnaval Queen, rest assured that I will represent you very well and in the best way, I am a prepared woman, who fights for her dreams and I am going to give everything,” concluded the candidate for the highest crown of Carnaval de Mazatlán.

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