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Carnival blood runs through her veins, and Siu Ling Cotero Chío seeks in Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse” to continue the legacy of the Chío Dynasty and add one crown more, with which her childhood dream would crystallize.

Happy for the opportunity that life gave her, Siu Ling, 24 years old, says she feels moved by the support she has received from people in the streets and other places. Even without campaigning, people show her their affection, making emotional click and giving you more confidence.

“We are Carnaval fans at heart, in the family there is a Carnaval Queen, two Floral Games Queens, and two Children’s Queens. I feel very touched by the support that everyone is giving me, people I didn’t know. A few days ago I went to a store and a girl told me, You’re Siu Ling, right? I’m going with you, she told me, I felt very nice that even though I don’t know them, they are supporting me and I feel very happy,” said the representative of the sky blue baton.

There were various factors that led Cotero Chío, a Languages major, to register this campaign, who says she is blessed and willing to enjoy this experience.

“The truth is that I wanted to start two years ago, but there was Covid, so I left the dream there, I went to another place to live, I thought the age limit was 24 years old, and I said this is my year, I left everything in my other city and I came to Mazatlán to pursue my other dream of being Queen of Carnaval,” she added. Knowing what is to come, she is preparing and focusing for the queen election night this Saturday, January 20th, at the Ángela Peralta Theater.

“I am preparing myself mentally, I have public speaking classes, catwalk classes, body expression classes with dance, and reading a lot, watching elections from other years, interviews, broadcasts, also voice to voice, I am talking with candidates, queens, princesses who participated and who tell me their experience,” she stated.

If she wins the crown, she sees herself in a great adventure that will leave her mark.

“The truth is I can’t explain all the emotions I bring, I want to enjoy this magical moment, we have this space to be a great spokesperson, that is why my campaign is about recycling because I feel that balloons pollute a lot, I want to leave more about the environment that we have to put our efforts into because we also have very beautiful beaches and all this pollution reaches the water, so I would like to convey that to people,” she concluded.

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