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The film “The Holdovers” (2023) by Director Alexander Payne, will be screened this Saturday, January 20th at 6 pm at the “Marco Lugo” Cinema in the Municipal Center of Arts, starring Oscar-nominated actor Paul Giamatti, who won the Golden Globe for best comedy actor in 2024.

Nobody likes Professor Paul Hunham (Giamatti), not his students, not his fellow faculty, not the headmaster, who find his pomposity and rigidity infuriating. With no family and nowhere to go during the 1970 Christmas holidays, Paul remains at the school to supervise students who cannot return home.

After a few days, only one student remains: a troublesome 18-year-old named Angus, a good student whose bad behavior always threatens him with expulsion. Joining Paul and Angus is head cook Mary (Randolph), an African American who serves privileged children while her own son lost his life in Vietnam.

“The Holdovers” is so funny, heartfelt, and moving, filled with so many hilarious and thoughtful moments. Even when dark themes are touched upon, such as loneliness, depression, and dysfunctional families, the script treats them with appropriate humor, allowing the film to breathe and not become confused in its melancholy.

The film is shown starting at 6:00 p.m. in its original English language, with Spanish subtitles. The doors of the Cinematograph open 20 minutes before, with access being the main entrance of the Municipal Arts Center on Carnaval Street on Plaza Machado.

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