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They were accompanied by their royal court

Shouts of support, the rataplán of the drums and a great atmosphere outside the Ángela Peralta Theater, predicted a special night in the Election of Queens of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Baroque Eclipse”.

On the night of January 20, two young Mazatlan girls would write their names in the history of Carnaval Mazatlán.

With order and respect, little by little the effusive shouts of each candidate’s cheers diminished, while the “second call” announced the start of the program and everyone had to be in their seats to support Jasa, Aspasia, Irene, Georgina, Rubí, Samantha, Andrea, Catalina, Carolina and Siu Ling.

Distributed in the majestic Ángela Peralta, the cheers continued to support their favorite, they became an exemplary audience, who admired the show produced by the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán for the long-awaited event.

The judges took their place and when qualifying the contestants in the Criterion and Beauty stages, they fully complied with the regulations.

With the phrase “Red Flowers” the path was cleared for the new sovereigns, who humbly saw their Royal princesses.
SGM Libya II, Queen of Carnaval 2020, and SGM Ivanna I, Queen of the Floral Games 2022, were the hosts who announced “White Roses” first for Siu Ling, who was elected Queen of the Floral Games of “Baroque Eclipse”, leaving It is clear that Carolina Ruelas became the new Queen of the Carnaval.

“Los Papaquis” sounded, shouts of happiness, applause of recognition were heard in every corner of the theater, immediately a shower of confetti and streamers flooded the venue, on a special night for those who experienced this event.

Party at Machado

At the end of the event in the theater, graceful, happy, moved to tears, Carolina Ruelas, Queen of Carnaval made her way through the crowd gathered in Plazuela Machado. Next to her, Siu Ling Cotero Chío, Queen of the Floral Games, full, determined, walked at a firm pace, while the public admired the beauty of both young women.

As soon as they received the bands with their royal titles, the new sovereigns of Carnaval Mazatlán walked towards the Machado kiosk from where, in the company of the newly elected Héctor Limón, King of Joy; María Paula Velarde, Children’s Queen and Givanna Valdez, Children’s Queen of Poetry and the entire court, greeted dozens of people gathered in the heart of Centro Historico.

A music band sang the Queen’s anthem, while with the musical background of the traditional Papaquis, representatives of the media, family, friends, tourists and Buenos Aires residents, with cell phones in hand, took photos and recorded the best moments of this emotional first meeting of the new royal court with the carnival public.

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