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The Chío Dynasty continues to grow in the history of the port’s greatest festival with the triumph of Siu Ling Cotero Chío, newly elected Queen of the Floral Games of the Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024.

After a tough fight, the numbers favored the Mazatlan woman to become the ambassador of the culture and arts of the port, thus increasing the generational legacy.

“The Chío dynasty is still present! It is still present and I hope it continues for many more generations. It’s much more than I expected, I wanted the crown, I worked for it, but now I’m in shock,” were her first words.

Supported at all times by friends and family, Siu Ling admitted that this was her dose to feel motivated.
How was your feeling tonight? “Well, more than anything, I felt very supported because all my family and my friends came, so I think this was my main motivation to try to give it my all.”
She envisions a special reign where she will become a great ambassador for Mazatlán and the arts.
“Well, I hope they invite me to all the activities, I hope Mazatlán continues to grow in the cultural field because we have many things to offer, so I feel very grateful, blessed to have the opportunity to be the ambassador,” she concluded.

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