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Mazatlán, Sinaloa, January 31, 2024.- In a tour guided and cared for by teachers, young people with different abilities toured the workshop where the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán creates and shapes the floats that will participate in the parades of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán “Baroque Eclipse”.

The young people looked surprised and delighted at the extravagant, elegant and illuminated figures that are already posing on the enormous platforms.
Blacksmiths, electricians, seamstresses, painters, sculptors, cartoners and designers explained with honor and respect what teamwork brings.

Henry Wilson said that it is very good that the Instituto de Cultura, the DIF and the CAM, have scheduled this tour so that they can see the floats before the Carnaval parades, since this action helps raise their creativity.

“This is a well-deserved opportunity for them, we loved seeing their reactions of astonishment and joy, we were pleased that this work was very well received by them, this work that has so much tenacity and effort is undoubtedly dedicated to them who are the first judges. It is a satisfaction that so much work was not in vain! Henry Wilson expressed happily.

Teacher Alejandra González, from CAM 23, explained that the reason for the visit with the educational community was to learn about the traditions of the history of our Carnaval.

The young high school students who took the tour gained the experience of what it means to work as a team and to see in an experiential way the culture of prevention, instruction and concentration in the work method implemented by Henry Wilson, she commented.

With these visits, he added, the young students learn to include and be included in a community and in the future it is the best because they also reach adulthood and each family always wants them to be more independent, and experience more of the social aspect.

Teacher Alejandra González highlighted that the Instituto de Cultura has given space to work to people who have left special education centers, Cultura calls them to work during the Carnaval season and admired and recognized the level of inclusion of the people of the paramunicipal .

“They reminded the guys from CAM to include them in their work crews, there is a lot to thank these institutions for! She enthusiastically stated.

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