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Emmanuel & Alexander, receive the blessing before offering a concert admired by fans

In an unprecedented event in the history of Carnaval coronations, Emmanuel and his son Alexander Acha received the blessing before going on stage during the Coronation of the Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024, Carolina III.

Punctually, Priest Armando Durán Sánchez responded to the call of Emmanuel and Alexander. He hurriedly arrived at the stadium – the scene of the coronation – and walked towards the dressing room area where father and son were already waiting for him.

In this regard, he commented: “It is known that they are people of practicing faith, and every time they begin their concerts they ask for the blessing of a priest, not as a fetish but because they are aware that they are doing their work for God and they offer it to Him.”

While this was happening his S.G.M. Carolina III, Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024, walked towards the throne to receive her crown from the President of the state DIF System Eneyda Rocha Ruiz, representing the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya and Dr. María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz , president of the municipal DIF System.

As soon as she received her royal attributes, Carolina Ruelas began her reign with another dream fulfilled, making a phrase of the Roman philosopher Seneca come true, the greatest representative of Stoicism, a philosophy of personal ethics based on a logical system operated by cause and effect.

Satisfied because the dream she had cherished since she was a child came true: to become Queen of the Carnaval, Carolina Ruelas, about to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Medicine, remembered, seconds before ascending the throne, Seneca’s phrase:
“Luck is where preparation and opportunity come together,” she said, referring to her recent victory in the Queen’s Choice contest.

The coronation ceremony for her was the materialization of the beginning of a parallel life in her academic life and in her social life, an afternoon of intense emotions, an afternoon where romantic music and the presence of a father and son, Emmanuel and Alexander they sang to him to celebrate this chapter of life.

“She is my Woman”, the first song performed by Emmanuel, is the song that expresses a deep love and admiration for a woman, the portrait of a woman who has value and very significant elements for him is painted.

The concert was composed of songs popular with many of his admirers, medleys of romantic ballads and a cumbia medley. Alexander appeared sitting in front of a piano and narrating that he also fulfilled a dream by being in Mazatlán singing with his father at a concert.

The singers generated sighs with elegant movements before the Queen, princesses, ambassadors and admirers who sang at the top of their lungs the successes that have been generated in Emmanuel’s extensive artistic career.

Without a doubt a concert for all of them, for all women, for the Queen, for all the princesses, for all those muses of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”

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