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Beautiful postcards given by the surprising Naval Combat that was held on Saturday night of Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”, a tradition that began in 1932 and that returns renewed every year to delight visually to hundreds of thousands of people in the Bay of Olas Altas.

For almost half an hour, the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, with more than 900 kilograms of pyrotechnics, relived the epic night of March 1864 in the Port of Mazatlán, when the French Army on the boat “La Cordelière” tried to take the coast and the Mexican Army, from land, protected the city, containing and defeating the enemy.

The pyromusical show by Jorge Márquez and his company Lux Pirotecnia, illuminated the bay and the Mazatlan sky with the explosion of the fireworks that were exploded from eight different barges, points on land, and from the surprising tower over 50 meters high. height, which simulated that there were cannons in the sky.

The giant steel tower caused amazement among the demanding public who were trapped between the surround sound of the music and the magic of the colored lights.

The fireworks danced to the rhythm of various genres such as the music of the Sinaloa drum, Cumbia and the Neapolitan song “O Sole mio” in the voice of Los Sinaloenses deCare, José Manuel Chú, Adán Pérez, Armando Piña and the Mazatlecan Carlos Osuna.

Port families and tourists were able to see various pyrotechnic artifacts in the sky such as chrysanthemums of different sizes and colors, comets, fountains of sparks, interior volcanoes, among other gunpowder elements that amazed them, and gave more than one person goose bumps
Present in the Naval Combat were SGM Carolina III, Absolute Queen of the Carnaval Mazatlán 2024; SGM Siu Ling I, Queen of the Floral Games and Ambassadors who are in the city to enjoy the most emblematic festival of the Mazatlecos.

In the words of master pyrotechnician Jorge Márquez, creator of this pyromusical show, the Naval Combat is a unique event because in no other city in the country are there these types of celebrations with those historical and cultural connotations, people are super involved, they know the meaning and It brings great satisfaction to each of the participants.

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