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The Bolsheviks and the thousands of souls who gathered at the El Venadito monument, in the heart of Olas Altas, jumped with happiness because the “Cell Phone Collection” burned, in which It was the traditional Burning of Bad Humor, one of the most anticipated events of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco”.

In the middle of a great fiesta to the sound of banda, the oldest Bolshevik, Gio King, gathered a group of attendees from the beginning of the tour, at the intersection between Aquiles Serdán and Ignacio Zaragoza avenues.

Just when the clock struck 8:00 p.m., the first rocket sounded, announcing the start of the walk that would end with the burning of what symbolizes what irritates the population the most and this year it was the “excessive cell phone charges.” which upsets users whose pockets it hits hard.

To the rhythm of the Banda La Innovadora, people danced, recorded with cell phones everything that happened, some allowed themselves to be pampered with the dances that the troupe animated, the party was for children and adults, entire families, national tourists, foreigners and residents joined in. little by little to the cheerful contingent that was bound for Olas Altas.

The sculpture that burned was created by the artists Ninots, while the company Piroeventos Melfi was responsible for burning about 10 kilograms of gunpowder.

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