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A choreographic show where the characters were the Moon, the Sun God and Eos associated to express how surprising astronomical phenomenology was in the cultures of the world, framed the coronation of Carolina III.

Before thousands of people gathered at the Teodoro Mariscal stadium, Carolina Ruelas entered the history of Carnival by receiving her royal attributes during a massive event where music and dance were intertwined to offer a vision of the stellar impact on humanity.

Among choreographies that highlighted the power of the sun and the moon, Carolina III appeared dazzlingly dressed to receive the royal attributes along with her royal princesses Andrea García, Catalina Castellanos, Irene Rojas and Jasaret Álvarez who were received with warm applause.

Visibly moved, Carolina III made her first catwalk dressed in the purest baroque style; The design of her royal costume emerged from the idea-filled mind of international designer Andrés Romo.

Full of symbolism, the dress of the Queen of Carnaval Mazatlán 2024 made by Sodelva Ríos worships Sinaloa, through 18 suns that represent each of the municipalities of the state, the most important being that of Mazatlán that appears on the skirt . The rest of the suns are distributed throughout the royal dress and on the tail where the garigoleado style of baroque stands out.

When greeting the public that paid homage to her, Carolina III could not prevent her eyes from filling with tears and so with her vision clouded by emotion she walked to the staircase that led her to her throne, escorted by her entourage.

The Queen of Carnaval Internacional Mazatlán 2024 “Eclipse Barroco” received her royal attributes from the hands of Dr. Eneyda Rocha Ruiz, president of the state DIF System on behalf of the Governor of Sinaloa, Rubén Rocha Moya, and María Teresa Apodaca, president of DIF Mazatlán.

Tribute to a queen

For the first 25 years of her reign, Lai Hing Audelo Chío received the affection of the public tonight and recognition from the Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

Accompanied by her daughters, the silver queen performed a catwalk on stage while thousands of spectators gave her loud applause.

The dance of the gods

Minutes before the coronation, dancers from the Vilanova Danzario Art Center and guest dancers offered a beautiful dance show in which Eos, played by the dancer Mónica Millán, was the goddess Titanide (a powerful race of deities) who in Greek mythology rose from the current of the ocean to bring light to the gods and men.

The moon (performed by the dancer Mariana Griego) and the sun (performed by the dancer Gabriel Jiménez) showed that in the history of humanity they have had different interpretations of why and why they exist and are faithful generational companions of man.

These stars have also given inspiration and motivation to create, invent and use so that technological and artistic evolution does not stop. The cultures that stand out the most in the use of these stars are the Mayans and the Greeks.

In addition, they are also two elements associated with arts and literature.

Emmanuel and Alexander Acha sing to the queen

Emmanuel’s greatest successes were remembered during the coronation of Carolina III. From the top of the throne, the Carnaval Queen and her princesses enjoyed a show that included pop music, norteño banda and norteño pop.

La chica de humo, Pobre diablo, Seguía lloviendo afuera, Es mi mujer, and Tengo mucho que aprender de ti, among other great hits, ignited the audience gathered at the baseball venue.

The romantic night became magical and luminous when the thousands of souls present turned on the light on their cell phones to accompany the artist on a musical journey that was a delight for those who for years have followed his career on stage.

During his presentation in Mazatlán, Emmanuel was accompanied by his son Alexander Acha who demonstrated his musical stature by performing songs of his authorship playing the piano and other instruments such as the guitar with which he dedicated the song “Mujeres” to Queen Carolina III and her princesses

The concert lasted almost two hours, during which the audience sang and even danced to the songs of the stars of the night.

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