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I am very happy that it is a white Carnaval, here who must be congratulated are the citizens who not only had fun but also behaved up to standard and knew how to fill the spaces with order and carry the party in peace, said Raúl Rico González.

At the meeting to announce the results of the Carnaval Internacional de Mazatlán 2024 operation, the General Director of CULTURA thanked the municipal government areas for their support, particularly Public Services and Chief Officials.

Being together on the street is not easy, Carnaval has a transcendent social function but it also left around 1.2 billion pesos, he said.

“We are fortunate to be an event that works as a social balance, living together and having fun in the street is not easy, there were years when this could not happen and now the families enjoyed the events together and I am very happy,” highlighted the municipal official.

He added that records were broken, for example in Olas Altas, where 12,000 more people entered than last year, which had been the highest in history.

“That tells us that the 135 thousand (people) with tickets plus the other calculation they make of the 15 thousand in the surrounding area, is not a small thing.”

About 14,000 people each entered the coronations, perhaps some saw the stands a little empty but they had to walk around the stage and therefore more chairs were placed on the field.

Finally, Rico González thanked the media for their support in disseminating the carnival activities.

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