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Municipal School of Classical Ballet Press

17 de junio del 2023

Peter Pan a splendid and impeccable staging

13 de junio del 2023

The adventures of Wendy and her brothers with the fantastic Peter Pan this Friday and Saturday at the Ángela Peralta Theater

15 de mayo del 2023

The Stories of a Cricket came to El Roble

15 de mayo del 2023

Historias de un Grillo full of happiness and nostalgia for the inhabitants of López Mateos

04 de julio del 2019

CMA produces 34 professionals in different fields of the fine arts

16 de junio del 2019

The sixth generation of the Municipal School of Classical Ballet of the CMA graduates

10 de junio del 2019

Students of the CMA will star in “Pipas medias larga” and “El lago de los swnes”

03 de junio del 2019

“Habitantes”: a dance celebration at TAP

18 de mayo del 2019

Passion, euphoria and joy in the Meeting of Academies

15 de mayo del 2019

The TAP will experience three days of dance art

03 de mayo del 2019

They will present “Entre Sueños y Flores” at the Ángela Peralta Theater

29 de abril del 2019

Local artists celebrate International Day of Dance.

23 de abril del 2019

Delfos will present “Manglar” on Monday at TAP

09 de abril del 2019

The attendees of the Tourist Tianguis Are captivated by the Queens of Carnaval.

31 de marzo del 2019

The magic of “Cri Cri” came to TAP

26 de junio del 2014

Contemporary dance night

16 de junio del 2014

“Sleeping Beauty”, a jewel in the TAP