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The charm, brightness and magic of the Cri Cri characters stole the hearts of the inhabitants of the Adolfo López Mateos neighborhood during the presentation of the show “Historias de un Grillo”, last Friday night.

Adaptation of the beautiful staging of the same name, recently presented to a full house in four performances at the Ángela Peralta Theater. On this occasion, “Historias de un Cricket” was recreated in the open air in the Plazuela de la López.

Accompanied by recorded music, the students of the Mazatlán Municipal School of Classical Ballet danced and characterized the most emblematic characters that give life to the songs of Francisco Gabilondo Soler.

The intention of bringing the expression of the fine arts closer to the inhabitants of the popular neighborhoods and rural communities of Mazatlán was achieved through this show full of fantasy that moved the public.

The welcome was given by the Planning Director of CULTURA, Enrique Vega Ayala, who thanked the public for their presence.

People of all ages attended this free and open-air event, some happy, others nostalgic, enjoying the family show while clapping and singing Cri Cri songs and admiring the interpretation of the characters by the dancers on stage.

The program included the interpretation through the dance of songs such as: La patita, Las vocales, La merienda, El chorrito, Che araña, Chong Ki Fu, El ropero, La Fiesta de las zapatos, Muñeca fea, Negrita cucurumbé, Ratón vaquero, Las brujas and Caminito de la escuela.

At the end of the event, a person from the public reacted effusively and considered that the show was: “Very beautiful, excellent, precious and I think it is very good to have this opportunity to enjoy this experience with the family.”

“Without a doubt these songs brought us beautiful memories, I used to sing them to my daughters and right now my daughters are singing them to their daughters and this fills me with happiness and a bit of nostalgia, it is something very nice to be able to enjoy it,” said a grandmother.

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