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The contemporary dance of the prestigious Delfos Company will take over the Ángela Peralta Theater on Monday, April 29, starting at 8:00 p.m., on the schedule for Spring Season 2019, with the presentation for the first time in Mazatlan of the work “Manglar”, a stage show that has toured the main cities of the world, accepted by the press and the public.

Víctor Ruíz, member of the National System of Art Creators of FONCA and director of the Delfos Company, indicated that for approximately 50 minutes eight artists onstage will represent the contact that the human being currently has with Mother Nature, and the havoc that they are doing to the environment.

In the musical field the themes are varied and classic melodies from the fifties, sixties, as well as some melodies by Ray Conniff, The Beatles and pieces by maestro Amadeus Mozart will be heard.

The scenography will be run by Fernando Feres who will set up another visual show that will help attendees to understand otherwise the concept of predation that man has with nature. The choreographic and artistic direction is the work of Víctor Manuel Ruiz.

Some of the themes that will be reflected in the work are the battle, the man and the machine, the matrix, birth, contraband in winter, consumption, alienation, the look that floats, couples with big eyes, times of homophobia, love without eyes, the herd, adoption of an angel, being a father, mandalas, parents of the wind, the chosen one, metamorphosis and the tree body.

Admission will be free, and those interested can get their tickets at the Angela Peralta Theater box office.

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