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The beauty and majesty of the Queens of the International Carnaval of Mazatlan 2019, have captivated the attendees of the Tourism Tianguis held in Acapulco, Guerrero.

Karla II, Queen of Carnaval 2019, said that being a participant in this event is an unforgettable experience and more to try to bring the name of Mazatlan oup. She invited those who came to the stand to visit the port, a tourist destination of sun and beach that awaits them with a natural, cultural and a beautiful historical center.

On the other hand, Yamilé I, Queen of the Floral Games, said that Acapulco has an important development in tourism that must be taken into account to implement in Mazatlan. She also indicated that she should look for a new opportunity to take to the Tourism Tianguis to Mazatlan.

During the first and second day of exhibitions, the Mazatlan Cultura Ballet, offered regional dances, allusive to the maximum fiesta of the port, being liked by those who appreciated the shows.

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