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Fantastic stories of national and world stature that evoked life and death, shared from the perspective of the colorful Mexican and Cuban cultures, presented during the third day of activities of the “Güilo Mentiras” Storytelling Festival.

Punctual to the event, hundreds of followers gathered virtually and from the comfort of their homes, enjoyed the excellent presentations the stories Selene de la Cruz, from Mexico and Verónica Hinojosa, from Cuba detailed.

The Aztec narrator presented “La muerte fuerte y gorda”,, a story where the protagonist was a bony woman different from the others, she had strong and fat bones, since one of the pleasures she most enjoyed was eating when she visited those she would guide to the afterlife.

Faced with such a composition, she did not go unnoticed by her patrons, some feared her, others faced her, while others asked her for a little more time to continue on the earthly plane, finding a little mercy in the face of torture, which made her more popular with society.

For her part, the Cuban artist presented “Life and Death”, stories in which she described the beautiful cities of Havana and Camagüey with magic words.

Ancient stories of historical figures of the region who faced love in times of pandemic, a situation similar to the one we live today, with mastery and passion little by little enchanted the audience, leaving at the end a pleasant sensation.

The Instituto Municipal de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán, directed by José Ángel Tostado Quevedo, which promotes the third edition of the “Güilo Mentiras” Storytelling Festival, makes a kind invitation so that this Thursday, November 12, electronic transmissions continue with more fabulous storytelling.

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