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The 36th presentation of the José Limón International Dance Festival began in Mazatlán, the stage of the Ángela Peralta Theater received C.A.T.A.M.O.N, a cultural organization established by dancer, choreographer, curator and cultural initiator Elad Schechter in Jerusalem in 2021.

SOMEWHERE was the work presented on stage by dancers Beatrice Larivee and Ido Gidron, in which the desire for a life of connection with our environment was expressed, versus the desire to establish the limits of our body.

Happy for his stay in Mazatlán, Director Elad Schechter said that in the last four days he has been walking by the sea and gets up very early to listen to the waves and the water and in this environment, he remembered that when he was creating this piece he passed through a very internal process and he is very happy that this internal process is revealed in a dance piece that resonates above all with the public in Mazatlánm that lives by the sea, and well, he feels that it is like a kind of island too, and that we are also under that environment that the sea and the water propose, and what is brought and taken.

Elad Schechter pointed out that it was very natural to get to Mexico through Mazatlán and that he felt that it was something very normal for it to happen because there was a ten-week process of coexistence with maestra Claudia Lavista in Jerusalem last year, and during that time they met and talked a lot and both realized the many similarities they have as managers or as dance people and especially in relation to the importance of their communities, that of Jerusalem and that of Mazatlán.

The objective now is precisely to build these bridges, but they are not bridges because Mazatlán is in fashion, or Israel is in fashion, this has nothing to do with the ego, but rather has to do with the fact that both know that there is a Truth in dance in Mazatlán and in dance in Jerusalem, in both, there is a truth, and it is through those two truths that we can build these bridges and that is what they have been doing since January.

Maestra Claudia Lavista added that C.A.T.A.M.O.N will also be presented in CDMX, in the Northwest Festival Network, in Ensenada, in Tijuana and in Mexicali. They have been working on this tour for several months, and for her it was very important that the doors of Mazatlán not only open for them, so that other audiences could connect with their work and other dance communities as well, because they are finally interconnected, The dance community in Mazatlán is very connected with the community in Mexicali, in Tijuana, in CDMX and the idea was precisely for Elad and C.A.T.A.M.O.N to connect with other dance communities in the country.
The audience, such as Irene Rojas, mentioned that the time for the piece passed very quickly, that they greatly admire the part of art in the expression of the body, and that it is very emotional and fascinating that foreign companies present themselves, because culture is combining, that during the work she interpreted the waves of the sea, for her it was wonderful that the work included the sea, the work took her to very personal and family moments, where everyone was in front of the sea, she moved to the past contemplating the death of a relative, the sound was also very important, she felt very represented because these artists included and interpreted this very special part of Mazatlán.
Juliana considered it very enriching that artists of this category come to impart and share their culture, both in movement and in their way of seeing the world, which was a very enriching proposal because sometimes dance needs to be a pause and that this work for her was a pause, it was calm, it was a slow, controlled, continuous and extremely interesting movement. The music, the color and the proposal that they used were very enriching to her.
At C.A.T.A.M.O.N, the work of Elad Schechher, Beatrice Larivee, Ido Gidron, Eran Kvint, Adi Yair, Yair Vardi, Amir Castro, Shlomo Blazer and Ph. Ido Lahav Noy remained in the memory of the attendees.

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