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“En el hotel de la vida todos somos extranjeros” [in the hotel of life we are all foreigners], a collection of poems by Margarito Cuéllar published by Laberinto Ediciones was presented on the afternoon of Thursday, June 22nd at Casa Haas as part of the Literary Thursday program promoted by the Instituto de Cultura, Turismo y Arte de Mazatlán.

Interviewed before the presentation, the author awarded the Clemencia Isaura Poetry Prize 2022 for his work “A pale reflection in the equation of water”, among other awards, spoke of his source of inspiration for writing his poems.

“Actually, the inspiration is my roots, the grandparents, the great-grandparents, the root that gives rise to the surname, that is the first source, and from there all that are the migrations of those same roots, how they spread to one side and for another”.

Under the context of the title of his collection of poems, we asked maestro Margarito Cuéllar about the result that he has obtained on the part of his readers before the walks that are poetically described in his work.

“There is everything, because there are those who have told me that if I am denying my land, my roots or finally, which of all is my land? And I say, well, tit is all my land, the land where my grandparents were born is my land, the land where my parents were born is my land,” he said.

And he added: “In which I was born, although I have migrated since I was little, to the place I arrived in my childhood, to the place I arrived in my adolescence is also my land, and lands that are like temporary territory, like those trips to Mexico City that have been temporary, two, three years for work issues, professional issues, of that type, and let’s say that this land is like that, as if just passing through. But finally the great metaphor is that the land we inhabit, we are also passing through, given our condition as human beings”.

During the presentation of “En el hotel de la vida todos somos extranjeros” the attendees had the opportunity to acquire “The Earth Ages”, “Luminous signs under the copper sky”, “Luminous wounds that break”, “Theory of beauty”, and of course “In the hotel of life we are all foreigners”.

The presentation of the collection of poems was headed by Fernando Alarriba and Luis Antonio Martínez participated as moderator. At the end maestra María Muñiz gave recognitions and maestro Margarito Cuéllar signed the books that the public with which they had acquired.

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