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At ground level with no more scenery than the elements of the environment and the music emitted from a speaker, students of the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán offered a sample of dance art in the Plaza Camino al Mar.

The artistic intervention was carried out Thursday afternoon with the intention of inviting the public to ‘Latent Impulse’, an end-of-course function for EPDM students, this Saturday, June 24th at 8 p.m. in the Angela Peralta Theater.

Fernanda Canibe, Yamilet Moreno, Juan Carlos Pineda, and Brandon Hernández participated in the presentation, who through their choreographies gave a small sample of their artistic evolution throughout the current school year.

Maestra Martha Castillo invited the public to attend this Saturday, at 8 pm at the Ángela Peralta Theater to enjoy the staging of ‘Impulso Latente’ where the creatives of everyone’s choreography class will present the end-of-year projects of the Degree in Contemporary Dance.

It is expected to have the participation of the public since said event is a sample of the effort and dedication that young people have had during the current school year. This Saturday the event will consist of 13 choreographic pieces by EPDM students.

“I hope you come to the show, it’s beautiful, they’re going to have a great time, it’s a very varied, versatile show, they’re going to have fun, in other (pieces) they’ll feel nostalgic, but that’s what it’s about going through each emotion of each dancer who expresses what he feels”.

$200 pesos, tickets available at the digital box office 669 120 0020 or at the box office of the Angela Peralta Theater.

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