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Without being familiar with jazz, people who passed through Plazuela Machado were ‘trapped’ by the passion that this musical genre emanates during a recital offered on the portico of the Ángela Peralta Theater.

It was six in the afternoon on Monday, June 12th, when the members of the Jazz Band of the Municipal Arts Center began the concert to the surprise of those who were passing in front of the theater at that time.

Directed by maestro Omar Ríos, they began to show instrumental mastery, passion for music and improvisation as a sign of a deep knowledge of this musical genre.

The members of the Jazz Band are 10 first and third year students of the Bachelor of Music, who resumed the study of jazz and decided to belong to this group founded by maestro Carlos “Charly” Betanzos, who was in charge of the band for many years.

During the concert there were special participations, one of them was that of Diana Itzel Ramírez Martínez, who surprised by the texture of her voice and made the girls present at the recital express gestures of admiration and joy.

Two of them got up from their seats to dance, and who wasn’t going to dace to “All Of Me” which was performed by Diana Itzel with the feeling and emotion necessary for which jazz captivates and makes you falls in love.

Each song provided a space to perform solos (In a concert, the solo is a section for one or more solo instruments accompanied by an orchestra) so David Alberto Aguilar (Piano), Deneb Guzmán Aguilar Madrigal (Bass), José Alfredo Bocanegra ( Clarinet and Saxophone), Francisco Alonso López Trujillo (Drums), David Eduardo Cuadras Marcial (Violin), Javier Brito Arce (Vibraphone), José Dolores García Evangelista (Trumpet) and Jordan Jahaziel Cabrera Martínez (Saxophone), showed with great honor the degree of progress in their studies.

Carlos Guadalupe Márquez Delgado was included in the last song, he took his freestyle to another level to show that music is a universal language and can be mixed with all kinds of genres.

“In music there must be inclusion and the net must always have a message, you cannot make empty music, music must always carry a lyrical or sound message, and for my part it is motivational music, I am grateful and surprised with Francisco Alonso López Trujillo, who was the one who closed with a flourish and everything went perfectly in the integration and invitation with the “Jazz Ensemble”, said Carlos.

Francisco Alonso López Trujillo thanked his parents, his friends and his colleagues and clarified that he dedicated it to all of Sinaloa.

He said he was very grateful to the Municipal Center for the Arts because it has provided him with all the knowledge, he thanked maestro Víctor Osuna who always supervises and all the teachers for sharing their knowledge and his wisdom.

Maestro Omar Ríos announced that they are preparing something special with Stevie Wonder themes and they hope to have the support so that they are given spaces to play, practice and show what they have learned in the classroom because all the students are very enthusiastic about playing and doing it motivates them.

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